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Wim Ton Limited is set up for customers who cannot pay me directly. CRO registration number 727953

VAT number IE9514129IA

Professional indemnity insurance policy

My services

Curricilum Vitae

Citizenship of:

The Netherlands, eligible to work in all EU countries


Experienced architect for PKI, key management, and device personalization, mainly in the field of IoT

Expert in formal device security certification, mainly CC, SESIP, Metas, FIPS-140, CPA

Correct implementation of cryptography.

Professional Experience:

July 2021 TrustCB

Common Criteria Certifier:

Oct 2022 - Oct 2023 Mastercard

Security architect:

  • Create patterns for application level encyption in databases.

Apr. 2011 – July 2021 Landis + Gyr in Zug

Security Architect:

  • Internal security consulting.

  • Architecting security enhancements for existing products

  • Common Criteria (ISO-15408) and Metas certifications.

  • Designing and implementing Key management and PKIs for smart metering. Operating the root CAs (using Thales Luna HSMs) for these PKIs.

  • Introduction of secure remote firmware update

  • Designing and implementing of personalisation systems for IoT devices, mainly written in Java.

  • Introduction of penetration tests for non-TCP/IP devices

  • Contribution to smart meter standardisation (UK, CH, DE, EU)

  • Security modelling for IoT

  • Member of the product CERT

  • Creating security awareness

  • Implemented a lean TLS stack for embedded systems

Jun. 2010 – Apr. 2011

Secacon in Muttenz

Software developer:

  • Key management for directory encryption with MFC, PKCS12 and XML

  • Single-Sign-On with MFC, BHO and PKCS11

Feb. 2008 – Jun. 2010

PayTec AG in Effretikon

Software developer:

  • Developing software for payment terminals1

  • Extending the embedded software to comply with PCI security requirements

  • Achieved PCI-POI certification for the PIN pad software

  • Achieved Level 2 certification for Visa and MasterCard contactless NFC payment kernels

  • Project leader of the RFID project.

  • Design of a CA for software certificates (for remote firmware update)

Mar. 2006 – Feb. 2008

Belos AG in Mägenwil

Microsoft Navision/Dynamics Developer:

  • Maintenance and extension of the ERP system for Brack /Alltron electronics using agile methods

  • Factoring and stock management system for Zusa.

Dec. 2004 –Mar. 2006


Various projects for among others NXP:

  • Develop standards and applications for contactless smartcards and NFC devices, mainly in the field of Digital Rights Management

  • Co-author of a patent on the application of RFIDs to protect DVDs

  • Member of the security commission of the NFC Forum (standardisation comity)

  • Conducting a workshop about Java smartcard security

  • Design of a key-management system and security features for a GSM based network of dataloggers with mutually distrusting users.

Apr. 2001-Dec. 2004

Aspects-Software, Edinburgh (UK)

(Now NXP)

Senior Software Engineer

  • Design and implementation of embedded software for smartcards, written in a mixture of C, C++ ,Java and assembler in a team of 6 developers.

  • Achieved FIPS-140 Level 2 approval for the OS755 smartcard OS.

  • Speeded up the generation of RSA keys by 400%2 while reducing code size and increasing speed.

  • Educating my work colleagues in the proper use of security and cryptography.

  • Design and implementation of a SIM card.

  • Implementation of a Perl program to compress Java byte code by 20% and extending the VM to accept the new compressed instructions.

  • Member of the ETSI standardisation comity on smartcards

Nov.1989 – Apr. 2001

NLNCSA (the Dutch NSA), Den Haag. (NL)

Software Engineer /Security consultant

  • Design and verification of computer security and crypto-equipment, consultancy for computer and communications security.

  • Build and deployed a key generation system, to produce high quality random and prime numbers. Writing drivers for the custom random number hardware.

  • Build and deployed a key management system for an army wireless network.

  • Achieved NATO certification for a secure radio system.

  • Designed and supervised the construction of a B1 (Orange Book) operating system written in C and C++.

Sept.1984 –Nov.1989

Pink/Roccade, Zoetermeer (NL)

Helpdesk employee at Shell Oil in Assen:

  • Supporting 1500 users on MS-DOS PCs with Novell Netware, on VAX/­VMS and on IBM VM/CMS. Writing documentation in SGML.

Sept.1983 – Sept.1984

Dresser Atlas, (USA, UK, NL)

Well-logging engineer:

  • Geophysical measurements (among others with γ and neutron sources) and maintenance of gas-wells with instruments or explosives suspended on a very long wire

1982 - 1983

KISC Kandersteg

Volunteer at Kandersteg International Scout Centre:

  • Designed and supervised the extension of a youth hostel, also working as a cook and mountain guide

Aug. 1980 – Mai.1982 HTS Den Bosch

Programmer-analyst for numerical mechanics programs, Basic on HP1000

1977 Bos Kalis

Concrete designer in Hassi r'Mel, Algeria


  • Mathematics and cryptology from the Open University

  • Bachelor in InformationTechnology from AMBI in Maarssen

  • Masters degree in civil engineering, specialisation in numerical mechanics from Delft University of Technology


Mathematics at the Open University

  • Cryptography

  • Error correcting codes

  • Algebra

  • Discrete mathematics

  • Formal languages and automata theory

  • Microprocessor architecture


  • PCI –PED

  • Common Criteria

  • Formal methods in program verification (BAN, CSP, Isabelle)

  • Project management

  • C++

  • DSPs and FPGAs

Other skills:

  • Usable developer skills for : Java, C, C++, C#, XML, ASN.1

  • Digital electronics

  • Microsoft Windows, Office, and Linux





  • Fluent

  • Very good


  • Good

  • Good


  • Fluent (Mother-tongue)

  • Very Good


  • Good school knowledge

  • Good school knowledge


Climbing, skiing, running, electronics, ham radio EI4VYI


I have a full, clean licence and I own a car.

1SBB,,Valora, Post

2 Using Pommerance’s observations on the distribution of pseudo-primes