Homemade Things

Homemade plugs for old equipment

Making weird plugs. Staring with the rim. If you are lucky you find a matching piece of water pipe. In not, use a strip of sheet metal. Usually not a full circle, as the plug often have a positioning ridge. Find a wire for the pins. For the RT-70 it was 1 mm installation wire, for the HP-432 I used the pins of a PC drive power connector. To be sure, spray the plug with a contact spray like Servisol. Cover the plug with thin plastic foil, for example from a one-way plastic bag. Place the rim over the plug and plastic. Stick the pins through the plastic.

Outer casing before casting resin

Fill the plug to be with a mixture of expoxy glue and fine sand. Let cure and remove the plug. Remove the plastic and attach the wires.

More power for a lame magnetic latch

Using a magnet from the voice coil mechanism of an old 3.5" harddisk (left).Separate from the iron frame with a knife (hammer on the blade of a disposable knife). If the brittle neodynium magnet is not broken yet, break it in 2 more or less equal peaces. Remove the content of the latch (a ceramic magnet between to iron poles). Replace the ceramic magnet with the two pieces of neodynium magnet. Reassemble.

Magnet assembly, lock with new magnets, previous black ceramic magnet