Dismantled Electronics

Radiesthesia device

I got it at a ham flea market, mainly for the nice enclosure. Of course I was very curious what was inside.

Front of the device, large black knob with a scale from 2-19, 2 LEDs, on/off switch Back of the device, text Magnetica Magnetfeld-Impuls-Systeme Hersteller: Putz Elektronik Schiessbergstrasse 16 D-73579 Schechingen PCB with 4040 and 4024 and a few discrete trough hole components

The circuit is mainly a RC oscillator with a 4024, of which the frequency can be set with the switch on the front.

Sold by Vitrotron

Ancient Pieps 457

Pieps Component side Pieps other side

Cheap USB charger

Component side PCB side

The interesting part is that the D+ and D- of the USB are connected. This is one of the chargers that reliably charges my wife's Nokia phone.

Dead CFL invertors

2 CFL invertors with exploded transistors

The high voltage transistors really exploded. If only the lamp is defect, the invertor is a nice source of components, 5 1N4007 diodes (1000 V, 1A), 2 high voltage transistors, a diac, a PTC and a few coils