Electronics for sale

8088 Single Board Computer

Contains a 80C88 with a 4 MHz crystal, 4K RAM, 256K EPROM and a big ASIC doing address decoding and IO

I have at least 10 of them.

ISA bus prototype cards

3 ISA prototype cards, some with the more standard ICs (74LS255 buffers and 8255 PIO) already mounted.

AT bus (16 bit) prototype card AT bus (16 bit) prototype card ISA bus (8 bit) prototype card

Sencom BCM500 canning line controller

Contains a PIC16C57 and has 12 inputs filtered for use in an industrial environment, 8 optically isolated outputs and a RS232 connector

Vintage Philips stereo decoder

stereo decoder with shield

8048 Single Board Computer

Eurocard which contains a 80C48 with a 3.57 MHz crystal, 2k RAM, pads for a 2K EPROM and a 82C43 for IO


I have at least 10 of them.

Vintage EPROM

Pulls (erased), 2716, 2732, 2764, 27C64, 27C256, 27C101 etc. Can be programmed on request

Cables with BNC connectors

black cable with BNC connectors

Lengths from 0.5 to several meters. Several of the noble brand .


Can be bought directly or I can put them on Ebay or .

I accept cash, , bank transfers in Euros and Swiss francs.

I will ship worldwide. Collection in the north of Switzerland is also possible

Please drop me a line at ton at this domain.