Home lab

The nice thing about this old equipment is, that you can repair it yourself.

A collection of vintage (mostly HP) equipment.


HP-182T Spectrum analyzer with 8558B RF section.

Tektronix Waveform monitor

Will be used as a display for the HP-3570 and HP-3571.


HP-5334A Counter. One of the 6 that I salvaged from the skip when a previous employer cleaned out the lab. The other 5 went to a new home.


HP-5245L Counter with 5253B and 5254B convertors. I like the nostalgic glow of Nixie tubes. Repair was more work. It turned out that several of the transistors in the control circuits seem to have the correct DC levels, but did not do anything at AC level. The circuits use a wild mix of silicon and germanium, PNP and NPN. As some of the stages use a Vbe of well above 5 Volts I could not use silicon here. Good old eBay provided me with NOS replacement transistors.


HP-3571A spectrum analyzer. A real boat anchor that was given to me by a friend. Is has a controller built with 74xx ICs!


HP-3570A network anayzer. Another boat anchor from the same friend.

The above 2 instruments need a HP-3330 generator, which is not too expensive but has excessive schipping costs. The next project is to make Chinese version of it using AD9850 DDS, PE4302 attenuator, and keyboards from Ali-express, controlled by an STM32F407 Discovery board. With red 7 segment displays to keep it in style.

Schlumberger Stabilock 4021

Radio communication tool. All build with standard components and without software at all. When I got it it did not lock on some frequencies. I first suspected the dividers and the VCO. It turned out that the PLL did not work at certain outputs of the FLL. Replaced the FETs and the transistors and now it mostly works.


Marconi TF-1370A sine and square RC signal generator, 10 Hz to 10 MHz with 100 mW output. Here, the decoupling capacitors lost their capacity, so I had to replace them. Also several resistors drifted 50%.

TF-2015 with TF-2171

Marconi TF-2015 HF signal generator with TF-2171 synchronizer, 10 MHz to 520 MHz. I only had to replace a capacity diode in the synchonizer.


HP-141T Spectrum analyzer with 8553B and 8554B RF sections. I got this 10 years ago for the ridiculous price of someting like 50£ while defect. The main repair was replacing all power transistors in the power supply. I did not get around repairing the ribbon HV cable so I had to run the CRT at a reduced voltage to prevent sparking. The CRT is dubious anyway.

Now sold and replaced by the HP-182